Diagnoses commonly seen by occupational therapists include:

Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorders, Spina Bifida, Neurological Disorders, Apraxia, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Dyspraxia, Prematurity, Brain Injury, Genetic Disorders, Down’s Syndrome, Failure To Thrive,  Feeding Difficulties, Attention Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Dysgraphia      

Pediatric occupational therapy helps children develop the skills they need to achieve independence in their everyday occupations.  A child’s occupations include play, learning, feeding, and self-care activities.  In order to develop independence in these occupations a child may have to improve their skills in the areas of:

  • organization
  • attention
  • self-regulation

Jennifer has the experience, continuing education, and skills to provide a wide range of therapeutic intervention.  Click here to download a full list of services provided by Little Trees Pediatric Therapy.

  • tolerance for sensations
  • visual perceptual skills
  • handwriting

Occupational Therapy

  • hand strength
  • oral motor skills
  • body strength
  • motor coordination 
  • sensory motor skills
  • grasping
  • eye-hand coordination