My name is Jennifer C. Kemp and I am the owner and clinical director of Little Trees Pediatric Therapy.  I am an occupational therapist, registered nationally and licensed in the state of California (OTR/L), to provide occupational therapy services. I am also Advance Practice Certified in the area of Feeding and Swallowing (SWC). 

I know it can feel overwhelming choosing a therapy provider for your child and so I wanted to share about myself to help you get to know Little Trees Pediatric Therapy.  I have been working with children as an occupational therapist for over 15 years. I have worked in the hospital setting, school setting, and private practice setting.  I have training and continuing education in sensory processing, Floortime approaches, Neurodevelopmental Treatment, feeding therapy, and oral-motor interventions.  I skillfully incorporate these interventions into therapy sessions while facilitating playful sessions that a child enjoys and that support active parent involvement. 

I have developed a passion for providing specialized feeding therapy, early intervention, and providing services to children with complex diagnoses such as Autism.  I have experience working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Genetic Disorders, Mitochondrial Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Attention Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Sensory Processing Disorder, Prematurity, Apraxia, Neurological Disorders, and Developmental Delay.

My greatest teacher has been my daughter who has special needs.  My daughter has given me first-hand experience in all the steps taken when you are on the journey of parenting a child who needs therapies.  I feel this has given me a deeper understanding and greater compassion for families of children with special needs.  Little Trees Pediatric Therapy was developed out of a desire to provide the highest quality family-centered therapy to families in need of therapy services.  

Thank you for considering Little Trees Pediatric Therapy as a therapy provider.  I look forward to meeting you and your child!


Welcome to Little Trees Pediatric Therapy!

Strategies will be used focused on your child’s strengths and interests to promote active participation and success. Therapeutic interventions will be incorporated to help your child gain the skills they need to bloom in life. 

Little Trees Pediatric Therapy emphasizes an approach that focuses on the whole child and family.  We believe that by providing parent instruction, training, and encouragement a child's family and caregivers will become the roots that support the growth of the child.

Little Trees Pediatric Therapy is a pediatric outpatient therapy clinic providing occupational therapy services to children of all ages.  Little Trees Pediatric Therapy offers times that are convenient for busy families! Call today to receive more information about scheduling services for your child: (760) 207-7934.

We will address areas unique to your child to help them develop the skills they need to grow and thrive in their present day to day life and to establish strong roots for ongoing development. Treatment strategies will be used focused on your child’s strengths and interests to promote active participation and success. 

Aimed at Success

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A treatment plan will be developed in collaboration with you, the parents, that is individualized and meaningful to you and your child. Your treatment plan will focus on your child's unique needs to support your child's growth and development.

Learn more about the Clinical Director, Jennifer C.  Kemp, OTR/L